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So it’s (late) 2014, how is it that that this comment (or some variant thereof) is still posted on most online media articles:

why is this news?

I’m unreasonably angry about it because it adds fucking nothing to the experience of online consumers except a couple hundred highly disdainful and vaguely condescending pixels.

Everyone fucking gets it: mass media is often shitty and also filled with makeup-less starlets and politicians scratching their arses (that some people are interested in!). What I don’t get is how this commenter thinks that they are the most special and utterly evolved snowflake and definitely the first person to notice the aforementioned shittiness and then drag their miserable fingers across a keyboard to comment on the shittiness and its irrelevance to the plight of all of humanity.

I reckon some news you might deem relevant, oh wise commenter, would be you shutting up forever

Ok I’m calm now.

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I had to.

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 No context needed.

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April & Andy & the elderly. 

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Britta, much?

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